IELTS/PTE/Spoken English/Personality Development

The first step to fulfill your dream of studying abroad is to have good command over English language and score good bands / marks in IELTS/PTE tests to be eligible for admissions.

Also, having good command over English will help you in any country that you prefer to study. Be it making new friends, understanding the courses taught in the classroom, getting a good part time job or any other work, knowledge of English is essential to connect and communicate.

Expert Counseling for Best Career Match

Once you are eligible to study abroad, whether it is after your high school or a college degree our team of expert counselors will assess your requirements and ambitions.

We will then provide you the best possible option in different countries, cities, universities or colleges.

In addition, we will help you to select appropriate study program matching your overall criteria of international study.

We will also keep the financial background of candidates in perspective and provide genuine guidance while understanding the importance of investment made by parents for their son’s / daughter’s overseas education.

Admissions Process

Apart from guiding you with the admissions process our team will also help complete all documentation and processes of application to get you admission in the institute of yourchoice.

We will also facilitate in getting you financial assistance from banks in the form of soft education loan.

The preparation for interview will also be done by our team so that students clear all stages of admission procedure smoothly and with confidence.

Visa Process Assistance

We help with student Visa filing that allows its holder to study at an institution of highern learning in the issuing country. MSA team will handle the entire Visa process like filling-up applications, preparing financial statements and also guidance and training for mock interviews and much more. Applying for visa is one of the most critical aspects of your preparations for overseas studies. The visa, however, can also be one of the most daunting aspects of the preparations.

Travel and Accommodation

We believe in supporting our students at every stage of their overseas education to ensure a comfortable journey and stay at the city or campus of choice.

We will help you for ticket bookings, insurance and accommodation as per need and capacity of student.